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December 13, 2010


Kate Blue

loved Cassie's Tussie Mussie and big WOW to the wreath...I definitely need to learn some more crafting skillz...

Stephanie Eaken

The tree is stunning!!

etta thomas

Really fun projects...and such a cute line of paper! There's something here for everyone!

Vickie McCaffrey

Loving all the beautiful work !

Kim A.

I am in awe of all the amazing work. I really just need some time as I am very inspired by these projects. Thank you!!


love the tree idea at the end

Diane Jaquay

Holy cow, I hardly know what to say, I'm really blown away by these projects!!! The wreath is just spectacular, as is everything else! Your designers ROCK!


Wow, that wreath is SO fabulous! A genius idea!

Ashley Van Etten

the wreath is really cool

Cristina P

oh my! I love ALL of these projects!!! The wonderful wreath...the beautiful ADVENT calendar (I *heart* Advent calendars!!!)....the mini album...the cone...the house...the tree! This may all be too much cute! *lol* Thanks to all these creative people for sharing!

connie tacazon

I love the simple style of crate & barrel.


Love the wreath!


I absolutely LOVE this wreath, Michelle! So much, in fact, that I just had to share it on my polka dotted blog today.

Just found your blog -- boy, am I glad I did! :)


I love Crate and Barrel but not as much as Crate Paper! Thanks for a chance to win...


Wow, It's my first time here, and your blog is so inspirational. I just want to get my paper stock out now- thank you.


oh I am loving that wreath - gorgeous!

LG Belarmino

Such perfect projects for this season. It all makes me want to scrap all day long. Thank you so much for all the inspiration, tutorial and brilliant ideas!

April W

These absolutely rock!!
- April W

Denise Coulter

What an amazing wreath!!! I absolutely love!!! Wish I knew how to sew, lol.


I just happened upon Crate Paper and *love* all of the winter-y/christmas-y art happening! Very nice :)

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