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October 28, 2010


Ann Cicilie

I LOVE that the journaling is so central on this layout! Beautiful :) Handwriting is the most beautiful sort of journaling, if you ask me... Wondeful picture http://ciliesverden.blogspot.com/2010/01/to-nye-layouts-fra-meg.html

I recently bought some awesome letter stamps from Inkido, I've used them here:
I really love them, and have tons of ideas in my head on how to use them :)

Here I've used my sewing machine to stitch the lines for the journaling:

Most of the time, I use journaling spots of some sorts (easy, and there's just so many wonderful to choose between), or I write directly on the patterned paper or cardstock.

Lara Carson

I always have to have journaling on my pages. That is the importance of describing the picture for years to come. I use journaling spots, ledger paper and sometimes just empty spaces in my page to add the most important description, thoughts, feelings and memories to my pages. Occasionally, I will put tags or pull-outs on the page with hidden journaling if I feel like I should keep some things a surprise for later in life for my family!


I always journal on my pages and never hide it behind anything, so often journaling is a big part of my page. If I don't have enough room for journaling, I make it smaller but still readable. :)


I often make a pull out tag with journaling that will fit behind a photo for added journaling space.

Gretchen Henninger

I'm going to have to come back to these comments to get ideas.

I once did a layout of a camping trip my family took when I was six. The photos brought back a lot of memories, which meant a lot of journaling. I took the idea of a waterfall card, where you pull a tab and various images flip by, and converted it into a mini book for journaling. The outside was the title block, but as you pulled it would turn from one page of journaling to the next.

Kelly Massman

I like to make a mini album to add somewhere on my layout--maybe into a library pocket or just anywhere it "fits" the page! Thanks for a chance to win!

leeann Pearce

Lucy this is just totally awesome.... i love how you have done the journalling and your hand writing is totally awesome.


I've done the write-under the flap journaling or even the behind the layout one. I generally like to give my journaling center stage, though. If I have no room, I'll put it on the photo :)


I always, always, always, need to journal. Ok, sometimes I don't. But pretty much every other time I do. :) Because that's how the memories are captured. I most often scribble a few lines by the photo. I'm a linear person so I use ledger lines or note paper :) I've put lengthy journaling in envelopes too. But by far my favorite is breaking up the journaling by, for example, scattering journaling spots across the layout so it's part of the design and writing a little in each spot. Or I sew a few lines of stitching on random parts of the paper so, again, it becomes part of the design, and write above the stitching. :)
I love Crate Paper muchly; y'all rock my socks off! (I just had to add that part.) :D

Natalie E

It's very easy to add some hidden journalling on some cardstock tucked behind a photo or paper - often with some kind of tab to remind myself it's there and to read it. But I also find this is a good method to hind other bits and pieces of memorabilia too - like receipts, drawings my daughter has done, birthday cards, recipes.... whatever!
But another good method which is especially useful when you've got multiple photos as well as lots of journalling is to incorporate all of these onto a long piece of card that's folded accordian-style. You can add the key photo on top and just attach the whole thing to your layout. That way it doesn't look cluttered but you still get to record all your memories and thoughts in the one place.


I seldom journal. (I know, *gasp*)
I like using small journaling stickers and putting minimal information on them...date, people's nmes etc. I like letting the photo tell the story.
My favourite way to add journaling is to use a quote/pun/phrase (or just regular journaling) and use a few or one of the main words as my title. I love what it does to the design of my page!

Melissa aka ScrapWithM

I like to do a few different things. First, I like to use CTMH FlipFlaps and journal on the back of the photo. Then I can still see the journaling, but it doesnt overwhelm the layout. Second, I like to journal around the edge of the page with a white pen. I usually use the method when I am doing a layout about someplace we went. Finally, I use the good old method of having a journaling card worked into my layout. This works when my journaling is short & sweet.


I always have some sort of journalling too. I have resorted to putting some hidden journalling in a pocket, file folder or similar embellishment item but generally when what I have to say needs more room than I have.

DeeDee Catron

I love journaling - it's always that last bit of info needed to complete the page.. and a lot of time It's a great way to jazz up my Title.. so I'll pick a really neutral color title (whether it's chipboard or paper) and give the letters a bit of color on the edge.. then journal on the actual letter! Like this: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_GzekNCNNL8o/TIeUWlFu-HI/AAAAAAAAAxM/0ZyqNr1KahA/s1600/DeeDee1.JPG -DeeDee

Cindy d

I always journal, but I don't always plan ahead for where I will put it. I've been known to journal around the edges of the paper or even directly on an embellishment! My best 'secret' to squeezing in my journaling though is to use my 005 pen and write in my tiniest handwriting to squeeze a story into an itty-bitty place. I can write (legibly and attractively) in a size so small it's almost too small to read! I don't do this often, but sometimes I have to in order to tell my story.

Jennifer Hansen

I love to use my label maker.

Erica Hettwer

Journaling is really important to me and if I don't have a journaling spot I journal along any strong line I can find.

My favorite journaling "trick" is to journal around the edge of the layout. It's a great design element and fits quite a bit of info.

I made a layout called the ABC's of me and wrote one characteristic about me for each letter of the alphabet going around the edge of my layout. You can see it here. http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1488544

I also did one where the layout had a piece of shaped patterned paper on it and I journaled around it. It's here. http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/pg.asp?cmd=display&layout_id=1500994



I try to plan my LO with the journaling in mind, but sometimes the story may be too long or the information may be private. In these cases I have used tabs, envelopes, or made an accordian journaling. To make the accordian, write or type your journaling in the desired shape and then use an accordian fold. I use the front of the fold to journal the general facts, names and dates. The accordian could be in any shape, linear, circles, stars, or a fan. This way anyone looking through the album will get the general info, but the details are there for the individual or family. Thanks for all the great ideas ladies! I can't wait to try some of these other techniques.

Abby L

I often like to journal as an outline around my layout or around a photo. It doesn't take up much space and looks neat :) Thanks CP!

Samantha T

I have journaled over the top of my photo (extra fine point sharpies, especially in metallic colors, work best), around the edges, I've journaled inside patterns (i.e. inside a wave that's been printed on a piece of patterned paper, or inside a butterfly's wings), I've worked it is as part of a quilted looking background (mixing it in with paper pieces), I've hidden journaling behind photos and in pockets, and I've run large pieces of paper through my printer (and printed the journaling on) and then used the piece of paper as a background piece (much like you did in today's project).
Great layout! Thanks for the inspiration!

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