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September 08, 2010



While I don't have any little ones in school, I sent my friends and former co-workers back to school with covered notepads for all those necessary to-do-lists.

Rachel Mackin

Both my boys are preschool but I've been letting my eldest make pictures with some of my old scrap stash it's been so much fun.

Brittney A

A homework kit, full of pencils, markers, erasers, calculator, etc. She loves it!


Just love your project! Unfortunately I don't have little ones anymore, but for my neighbors 2 girls I decorated various head bands with flowers, ribbons and buttons.


I've made encouraging word cards. I used prefab business card stock from Avery and printed the grace before meal on one side then a joke, quote, word of encouragement or reminder of the days after school activity on the other. Pulled them apart then started stamping and coloring.

I know he reads them, so he is saying grace at lunch and getting a laugh or smile too.

Karen B.

My son and I made a puppet out of a brown paper sack. It was quite fun to see what he created. As a special surprise, I saved it and used it as his sack for the first day. He loved the surprise!

Lexi Bridges

does a sandwich count? Hee hee...my 4 year old goes to preschool in the afternoons so we eat lunch prior. Since the first day I have been cutting his sandwiches using a star cookie cutter. He has requested the same thing EVERY DAY since :)


I don't have kids yet, but if I did, I'd decorate a binder & folders to organize their subjects!

Christie Wildes

We always use my scrapbook stash to decorate my daughter's binder for the year. :) I let her use what she likes and she goes to town!

I also tuck a note in her first day of school lunch and slid a little bookmark into her backpack!

sandra m.

My 11 yr old daughter just started jr high and had a locker to decorate! She stamped and embellished a mirror, magnets, and picture frames. She used a bunch of scrap pattern papers and stickers on her folders and binders. was very inspiring to watch her create a little fun for herself.


Ah no little ones left unfortunately. But I did donate a lot of my stash to my nephew's school to use for making cards to send to the troops over seas.

Elizabeth W.

I put cute handmade cards in their lunches on the first day!! They were so surprised and loved them. My kindergartner is keeping hers in her desk at school :)

Ericka Smith

I made a card for her for the first day of school. I think I liked it a little bit more than she did. Ahhh, nine year olds!


I love to tuck little notes of love and encouragement in my son lunchbox. I also am in the process of starting a school album where I can keep all the little report cards, pictures and other special items from each year.


these pockets are so precious!
I made a "you can do it" card for my little sister in hopes that her second year of college is better than her first (grade wise) ;)


I love to make bookmarks! and I always take photos of the first day of school to scrap!

Andrea MacDonald

My little ones are still a bit young for school but we did create a special sticker book for my 3 year old. She loved getting crafty and using up her mommy's scrapbooking products ; )

christy a

i have been "decorating" her lunch box with shaped sandwiches and always make sure to include a pretty, loving card inside! I am waiting on some new "school" paper to scrap the first day of school...hint hint! :)

Erica Hettwer

Little Man has his preschool open house tomorrow and officially starts preschool next week. So, I'm looking around for something cool to make him and I think a teeny-tiny mini book with pictures of his family in it will help him if he gets lonely for us. :)


Love this project! I am making an album for the entire year of preschool so it will be all complete just need to add the photo and notes about the month as each month passes. Also took a photo on the front porch on the first day just like my parents did. I will have to scrap that!

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