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September 22, 2010



Big thank you! I just got a machine so I could start sewing on my layouts and cards-but I've been hesitant to try. This was just what I needed.


LOVE the layout! Great inspiration to try stiching myself - I'm not a sewer, but you make it sound easy. Thanks!


Thanks for the tips I have been looking for help for months now!

Kate Vickers

Hi! Love this tutorial. I really want to try this out. Just an FYI... 'Coarse'(rough) should actually be spelled 'Course' (class), unless you were going for a pun, in which case feel free to ignore me.


Now I need a sewing machine! :-D


I definitely learned something new today! Thanks girl!

Lisa Dickinson

awesome tips miss dav. i must ask, what size (or number?) is your needle??

Jessica R.

Thanks so much for this!!!!

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