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August 06, 2010


Amy S.

I love the tutorials on making homemade embellishments such as flowers. Things that are useful for making scrapbook layouts and cards as that is what I do most. I would also like to see some 2 page layouts on the blog at times. ;) I hope that even though designers can do out of this world stuff that they keep in mind most people that watch the tutorials & are looking for ideas, don't so my advise is to promote things that people look at & say oooh I can do that. I need that paper line so I can create that...


I would like to see tutorials on making flowers and mini books.


I would love to see tutorials from your talented layouts. I'm always looking for new and exciting projects!

christy a

Tutorials are great!! I love seeing how to make new embellishments or use ribbons or journaling in a creative, new way. And contests, of course, are my favorite!! :)


Great idea ladies...please keep us card makers in mind as your products make great cards as well as layouts :)


I do love tutorials, and would love to see them in areas including homemade embellies, mini albums, and even the thought process some of the CP girlies put into planning their 12x12 layouts. Some of their layouts are so intricate, and I would love to see what goes into that - maybe it is contagious! haha


I enjoy tutorials...I know for me, I'm a visual, hands on sort of girl, so tutorials really work. Love to see some technique and altered project tut's.


I love tutorials! I would love to see some home decor ideas using CP!

peggy mcdevitt

I have died and gone to heaven I am so happy. Your paper is delicious and I love using it. I made a book out of the Restoration collection I won and its fab and if you want to see pictures or to know how to make it email me. I want to see cards, scrapbook pages, and books made with your products. I'm so excited, good job. [email protected]

Laura G.

I love tutorials too! I would like to see tuts on handmade embellies, technique and challenges are also fun!

Kim M

I love seeing tutorials on making handmade flowers, all kinds.


Can't wait to see what the CP girls come up with! I love tutorials on new techniques - blow my mind by using something in a way I've never thought of. I also like up-cycling ideas or re-purposing stuff to incorporate it into scrapbooking pages or home decor.

Andrea MacDonald

Ooooo I love tutorials!!!!! I love new techniques and fun little projects are always good!


J'adore venir faire un tour sur votre blog et je suis contente de lire que vous allez faire des tutoriels!!! malheureusement votre blog n'est pas en français et c'est parfois difficile pour moi de comprendre via le traducteur Google:-/
Mais je serai là lundi pour découvrir ce tutoriel!!!!

Giane Amaral

Hello I love the blog for you, and I'll like even more because we have the tutorials to learn more. I love the mini album, and would like to see a tutorial deles.kisses from Brazil.

Jennifer D

How exciting! I can't wait to see what the CP girls do with all the new great collections! I like to learn new tips and tricks to help me make the most of the product I buy ... like how to recreated a trend with leftover pieces (like the banner trend that is going on right now ) :) Can't wait for Monday now :)

Sasha "sweet thang" Holloway

I LOVE making those cute little 3x3 Meander Mini Albums .. so those would be great tutorials to have on your blog.

Fleur Smith

I can't wait to see your tutorials - I love watching tutorials on techniques!


love tutorials on making your own embellies from patterned paper :D

Kim H20Skier

I am just happy to see tutorials. This is a great idea and I will be a faithful follower. Keep those cards and scrapbook pages coming.

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