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July 19, 2010


Amy A

I love the non traditional colors in this line! I would love to cover a few chipboard houses, stick a big hook in them, fill them with stones, and use them as stocking hangers. There are four of us in my family, and it would be a little Christmas time village! :)

Gretchen Henninger

I love these bright, festive colors. It has always been a family tradition to exchange ornaments. Over the last few years, the tradition has been to exchange handmade ornaments. These papers are so wonderfully lively, they will stand out nicely on ornaments.


Those wreaths are so cool! I was thinking maybe a similar garland type decoration for my kids rooms & stocking hangers for their stockings.


A Crate Snowman, hanging out on the ledge of the fireplace. Complete with little twigs for arms. My two and a half year old son would love looking at it, and my pug Lola would love to eat it ;) The line looks amazing.


I guess I'm slow but I've just really found out about Crate Paper... I mean, I've heard about it but never really gotten your products or gone to your website. Well, today I got some paper and I FELL TOTALLY IN LOVE!! I think I am a huge Crate Paper fan now!! And Snow Day is so my sister! She's hot on cute stuff like snowmen and bicycles and birdcages. I would totally make the wreath or one of those awesome 12x12 calendars Piradee Talvanna makes with the line! I love the colors :-)


I love this winter line!! This is too cute!!

Well, my daughters and I always spend two weeks with grandma around chiristmas time , so I want to make mini-album with this line and give it to her!! Also, I have to make my daughter's birthday layout with this, too, because they were born in winter time!!


That's so pretty! I am thinking that the papers would make pretty poinsettia to put on garland over the fireplace.


Congrats to the winners!!
That wreath is amazing!! I love this collection- it would be the perfect inspiration to get me started on Christmas decorations before the summer heat lifts. I'm already designing in my mind! Thanks for the chance!


First I have to say this is my absolute favorate release that I have seen from any manufacuturer so far for CHA Summer....I luv it :) This wreath is great...such a cute idea to liven up one's holiday decor with something unique, luv it too :)

Megan N.

What fun! I love bright colors associated with the holidays! I like to get the paper in my hands and see what projects present themselves. Layouts, cards, flowers? My mind is always racing :o) I do have some Christmas pictures that would work so well with this paper....When all the girls had their matching pink Supergirl pajamas on!! Oooh! I can't wait...it's going to be darling


I'm a real Christmas card addict and I can't ever stop making those cute season cards. This collection would be sooooo great to use for them. I love it!


I would love to use this collection to make my Holiday cards this year. This line is so fun and cute! Thanks for the chance to win


sigh. love that wreath. just might have to copy chez. oh!! but how cute would it be to make tiny ones for ornaments or gift tags!!??! THAT'S what i would do!

Kelly Hilchey-Wilson

WOW WEE!!!!! This is the most fabulous collection i've seen in a while...I can't wait to alter some tins, make some calendars and of course make some cards and tags for this holiday season. Please, please, please pick me :)

Erin O'Neill

This collection is just too cute - and versatile for all winter, not just the typical Christmas season (especially when many of us share friends/family who don't all celebrate Christmas!)....
I have totally FLAKED the past two years in a row on creating homemade gifts for the holiday - now that my daughter will soon be 3, it's a great time to start a Christmas tradition by crafting/baking most gifts together...this paper would rock for tags, boxes, wrapping canisters etc.
Thanks for the opp - and LOVE the wreath...I've got a plain chipboard star-shaped one I've been hoarding since last year and I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on this paper to finally cover it for this year's festive front door! Cheers!

Jennifer Hansen

I love handmade ornaments on trees, so would love to make some with this collection!


Absolutely in Love with the colours of this line! YUM YUM

Paula G

I'd love to create some holiday photo frames and use the papers for matting. I'd use the embellishments to decorate the frame. I'd give some away as gifts and of course keep a frame or two for my snow day photos!!


Love these colours for Christmas. These are the colours that I am changing my household decorations to this year. What would I use this for, probably a village of houses to decorate my mantle, a garland for my stairs and if there are any scraps left, some Christmas cards.


The Christmas collection is divine! That wreath is gorgeous, and totally inspiring. I would love to use them to make some home decor projects to decorate the house for Christmas. I could see myself making a really cute 'paper ribbon' tree as a table decoration, as well as some colorful and festive paper balls (made using strips of the patterned paper) to display in a tall glass vase! Of course, I'd save some of the papers to scrapbook the holiday season as well :)

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