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July 12, 2010



Wow!! What a stunning collection, I just love it! :)


I am gonna be in soooo much trouble. This collection is absolutely gorgeous! Every single part of it I want. Every part! Thank you Crate!


HO-LY cow!!! My mouth fell open! The colors are amazing, the prints are to die for! LOVE IT!!!


This is pure gorgeousness!! Squeeeee!!!

lori Gentile

It's so incredible in person!!! This is a must have collection. These projects are AMAZING!!! They are pure eye-candy!


WOW! I'll take one of each please and thank you! :)

Gwen Lafleur

This collection looks amazing and the projects are gorgeous! I'm totally drooling... can't wait until it comes out!


can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG! I am absolutely drooling!


Oh my goodness! I'm in love!

Erika M

Loving it - can't wait!


So much gorgeousness!! Love it all!

Amanda L.

Yummy stuff!


I love love love this new collection! I cannot wait to play with it!

Love the LOs you girls did too!


So not fair! Can't you ever cut a girl a break and come up with something ugly?

Maybe I should stay away...I don't know if I can stand 2 more fabulous reveals!

Dana Tatar

GORGEOUS! I LOVE the bright colors mixed with the faded browns! I can't wait to see the next two collections! Thanks for the peek!

Abby W

So pretty! I love the colors of this one!

Jamie Simms

I am so loving the layered chipboard accents!!


Wow what a nice package.

Jana Eubank

WOWEEEE!!!! These are GORGEOUS!!! The pages are MAGNIFICENT!!! LOOOOOVE! :D :D :D

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