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July 30, 2010


Leigh Penner

My favourite new collection is definitely restoration, which I plan on picking up at my LSS: My Scrap Shoppe in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada.

Amber Scurlock

Restoration is my fave!! I'll probably pick it up at Stop And Scrap...my fave online store!! =)

Debbie Burns

My favorite is Restoration! Will have to wait till it is available online. I'll keep a look out over at Two Peas and Scrapbook.com. Can't wait!!!!!

Rhonda V.

I am sooo loving Restoration! I will pick it up at Thoughts2Paper.com for sure!!!

Deanna M

I really LOVE all 3 collections, and *need* all of them! That said, I fell in love with Restoration from the moment the first peek of it was revealed! I hope to pick it up at My Scrapbook Nook! Any of the 3 would be great in a kit!

Heidi Sonboul

It all looks so AMAZING!
I wish I could have seen it in real life :)


oh... I'm getting everything in the restoration collection and have already told my LSS.. Made With Love... to reserve one of everything for me. its a MUST HAVE!!!

Kirsty Smith

For me it's a toss up between Restoration and Snow Day... but I think it's going to have to Restoration. The embellishments are jsut beautiful! However, when and where I'll be able to get it is another matter! Things take ages to get to the UK and stockists are a bit hit and miss.


Of the new collections, Restoration is my fav! However, how can one resist any of the lines?! I can understand why you were so well received at the show. Maybe someday I will get to attend a show! I will be buying my Crate Paper at ScrapsGalore in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

Kelly English

It is really hard to choose only one because they are all fabulous, but I guess Snow Day. I'm hoping that my LSS, Whim-So-Doodle, gets all the new Crate lines.


For sure Restoration. Isn't it EVERYONES? It's beautiful!


The booth looks fab. I LOVE Restoration! I'd pick it up at Scrapbook U in Fremont, California.


Pink Plum is fab but let me say I really love them all.Everything looked so beautiful. Glad you had a great time.
I will be searching on-line to order.


I am so in love with snow days and it doesn't even snow where I am!!! I am hoping my local online shop is going to start stocking CP, otherwise i will be searching the internet online for it.

Cindy collins

Restoration has to be my favorite new line of the entire show..it is a #1 must have for me, and unless I am lucky enough to win it here, I will be picking it up A Cherry on Top....my favorite on-line store.


well my favorite is restoration too but honestly CP really really outdid itself this time. the new lines are even more amazing than CP's usual amazing. I will likely buy CP goodies from A Million Memories.


My favourite is Restoration and I really hope to pick it up at My Scrapbook Nook.

Julia S

Hi Christine!! As I told you CP's line are my show fave!! However given I love all things snowmen...Snow Day is pretty amazing! I shop online at Scrapbook.com and acherryontop.com. Thanks for the chance! ;-)

Lydia W.

I love Restoration and Brook! I will be shopping on line as I live in New Zealand now. : )


While I love Restoration, I have to say my favorite is the School spirit line - it makes my heart go pitter pat!! I will most likely have to order this from one of my favorite online stores like Cherry On Top.

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