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June 04, 2010


Anna S

Cute purse, cuter layouts!! My guess is a gift card for $100.00

tamara dunkin

i'll guess: $100

and what a FUN giveaway!!

Carole Hepburn

The purse is darling - the layouts are fabulous / lovin' all the layers !!! I will guess $200 for the gift card !! Thanks for the chance to win !! Needin' new sandals and that purse for sure !!


My guess is $250.00 Hope I'm right, I'd love a trip to Nordy's! P.S. Really loving the layouts.


LOVE those projects...Wowzer are they gorgeous!! My guess on the gift card is $50 (although I'm sure whoever wins it will be happy no matter how much it is!!)

Kelly Massman

I'll guess $300! That's a lot, but you did pick Nordstrom's! Thanks!


I'm guessing $60
That would cover the purse!


Beautiful projects, I always come away from the blog with new ideas to try :)

My guess is $75

andrea p

i have that Fossil purse in another color. love it! get so many compliments on it. my guess is $250.


I was going to guess $75.00 - can more than one of us guess the same amount?

Holly H.

My guess is $250. Any amount would be awesome to Nordy's though.

Janine Rachau

That purse is so "Crate",...I can see why you would highlight it! I'm guessing $150.

Love all the layouts from the contributors!!


I think $100!

Andrea MacDonald

Loving these layouts!!!!

Bri Johnson

Oooh, so love the purse, I'm guessing $75! Thanks for the chance!


i'm guessing you can't get gift cards in 'odd' amounts, so my guess is: $75.

thanks for the chance!


I am guessing $150, although thousands would be great!! LOL!


I am going to guess $151.75

Sarah C

I'm going to guess $50!
Love all of the pics in this post, by the way.

Amy H

Gorgeousness all the way around!! Love these LO's!! My guess - $100.

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