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April 30, 2010


Larissa Albernaz

Happy National Scrapbook Day! Thanks for the giveaway and for the inspiration!

lucy edson

Happy NSD!! Have fun searching for the blinkie, Crate fans!! Love that PINK iPod!!

Gorgeous inspiration, Crate girls!! :D

emily (justem)

These are some amazing layouts!!! Good luck to all the participants!

Lori Gentile

Gorgeous work!!! Happy National Scrapbook Day! Good luck to all!


Happy National Scrapbook Day!!! Have fun everyone!

Kim M

Wow, what an amazing giveaway. Good luck to all participating!


Thanks for the inspiration. Hopefully I will have enough time later to come back and participate - stuck on #2. A little more time consuming that I planned on spending on NSD. Good luck to you all.

Monica B

I think there is something wrong with Emily Pitts' blinkie. My friends and I have looked throughout her entire blog, from the very first posts, and it is NOT on there!


Ugh - I am just not technologically savvy enough to play this game. But good luck to everyone else!


Stuck on Emily's Blinkie...she hid it well, I've looked through her whole blog 3 times

emily pitts

i DIDN'T mean to hide it so well. three of these things may LOOK like each other, but one of them is NOT the same ;)


Gorgeous work!!!
Happy NSD!


The layouts are fantastic, but I can't find any of the blinkies! Argh! This is one giveaway I don't have a chance to win.

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