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February 16, 2010


Lori Gentile

What a great contest to support local stores! Very cool of CP!


Whoo hoo! Guess that means the contest prizes will start shipping soon too! VERY exciting ;D


yay! I have been stalking my stores. seriously can NOT wait to get it all :)


Congrats Jill!!! Love this contest idea!


Well, how about those of us who pre-ordered EVERYTHING, TWICE, A MONTH ago? Shouldn't that count for something? LOL. How about a picture of my order in detail, with a huge PAID sign?? lol.


What a cool contest!

Timna Ashbaugh

Great contest. :) Got my Crate fix and more than 5 products...way more than 5!!! Just don't know how to transfer them from paint to e-mail. :( Anyone know how?
Good Luck and thanks for everyone's help.


no scrapbook stores here where i live...oh well

Timna Ashbaugh

I sent you all an e-mail with my 5 products pictures. Hope you got it. Anyways, I ended buying ALL 3 Collection Packs, PLUS the chipboard shapes in Brook and Pink Plum. I just picked my fav's to send to you. They are all so absolutely gorgeous. Brook is perfect for my son. And Pink Plum and Paper Dolls are just amazing for my girls. If you haven't seen (and touched) these beauties in person just wait till you do. Love,love, love them.

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