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June 21, 2013


Julie Tucker-Wolek

Gorgeous PL pages Janna! I loveeee the photos and the papers you used!! I always use my own handwriting! :) I use a black Sharpie fine point and I actually do like my handwriting :)

Miriam Prantner

I'm a handwritten person. It's not that I love my handwriting, but I think it will mean more later when my kids read (or attempt to read) it. Plus, I am also lazy. I don't want to have to turn on the computer, hook it up to the printer, etc. I will sometimes pencil in lines to write on and I've also found that writing on vellum is fun and easy - you can just put it over a sheet of lined paper when you are writing to keep things straight.


I love handwriting in my PL album! It's probably the favorite part of the process, when I sit down and jot down my journaling. I love looking back at my week and recording the memories this way.
I love your PL Janna- always so inspiring!


Although I dislike my handwriting, I really try to make an attempt to put some in my scrapbooks. The handwriting of a lost loved one is so cherished. I did also pick up an old typewriter and use that every now and then :)

Jena Baker

Even though I do not always like my own handwriting, my journaling is 100% hand written. I almost always write the story, but once in a while it will be caption or bullet journaling.

Carla Hundley

I always do my own
handwritten journaling.
It's not wonderful, but
it's all me!
Carla from Utah


Although I don't like my own handwriting, I keep trying to handwrite. Your own handwriting can make a layout/project life/card more personal. I try to give myself some exercises to make my handwriting more beautiful. I really encourage other people to do the same and try to learn to write again! But okay, I have to confess sometimes I do some journaling in computer too ;).

Ellen (BE)
ps. love the layout!

Kelly Malacko

I handwrite my journaling because it's fast and I'm busy. I also think future generations like to have samples of your writing (of course, my actual writing is much worse than what I use on layouts). ;)

Jamie Greene

I really hate my handwriting but I know it is important to include so i use both some handwriting and then also mostly my typewriter for journaling:)

Melinda T

I do both. I don't like my handwriting, but sometimes its easier and faster than getting on the laptop, choosing a font/color...

Leigh Penner

I like including my own handwriting on my layouts, but I have to write it out in pencil first and then write over it with my fine sharpie. If my journaling is longer, I will print it out on the computer. I also just got some new ribbon for my old typewriter, which is fun, too. It's nice to have different options for variety.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Amanda Parham-Hall

I do both! When I use the 'puter, I print on Vellum or transparencies! Sometimes journal right on the photo as well!Thanks 4 the giveaway-luv the Pier collection:-)

Cynthia B.

I do prefer computer journaling if I have time - I have lots of fonts and just like the neater look for my projects. Sometimes I'll use vellum or a transparency to get things placed just right, and then the patterned paper shows through. Other times, though - especially with the journaling cards and tags that Crate now includes in their collections - I'll use my handwriting. I like that Crate gives us the options and our pages still look great. :)

Mel Blackburn

Lovely spread Janna!! I do a mix of typewrite and my handwriting, although I am not a fan of my handwriting I think my daughter's will appreciate this personal touch. I also prefer using a pencil or a light colour pen.


I have practiced my handwriting and now I love handwriting on my PL spreads. I enjoy journaling on photos especially when I have a lot of to journal :)


I usually always use my own handwriting.
the only time I do computer journaling is if I have a really long story to tell (because I usually run out of room otherwise)

rhonda nickol

I love journaling on labels and tags(using several at a time) with my own handwriting, but I really love to use my Dymo label maker to journal with. Love your PL Janna!

sharon gullikson

I am old school, for sure!! I use various pens to journal. I will never use a computer. Too much trouble, and not homemade looking enough!

Natasha Poteraj

I use my own handwriting. I like to use different colored pens, depending on the color scheme of my project. My writing isn't very nice, but I try to make it pretty...

Kelly Massman

Even though I don't particularly like my handwriting, I prefer journaling with it as it is part of my legacy to my family!

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