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July 24, 2012



Gorgeous projects, love the sprinkles theme! Special hug to my friend Anabelle, love how you made the confetti pockets with cellophane windows, great idea!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! I love love love love the sprinkled inspired pages!!!!!

LG Belarmino

Gorgeous work ladies! Love both layouts especially what Anabelle did with the sprinkler idea


love these...what cool inspiration! Shout out to Anabelle!


super cute layouts!!

danni reid

gorgeous work anabelle and love Naomi's pics and design, very festive♥


These are so awesome! Just love them both...and to my friend, Anabelle, that is such a clever idea! Love!


awesome pages...love the confetti pockets on Anabelle's page!

Mary Jo

Both adorable layouts!


Yummy layouts, ladies! Love Anabelle's little pockets...great ideas. Thanks for the inspo!


cute stuff!
love using confetti ;)

Court's Crafts

SUCH a fun theme!!


amazing layouts! so creative and happy! yummy!

sharon gullikson

Who doesn't LOVE sprinkles? It brings me back to my homemade cakes as a kid. LOVE the look of the line.

Beverly Jordan

Love the Sprinkles theme of these pages! Am really going to try Anabelle's idea with them on my next birthday pages! So enjoyed them!

Bente Fagerberg

Love what you did here girls!
Your lo is so much fun Anabelle and your picture is gorgeous!!

asics tiger

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