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March 20, 2012


Mary-Ann M.

Hot Pink for sure!!!! Massachusetts :o)


Wonderful! Love Anabelle's work♥♥

Miriam Prantner

Red, I think that red goes with everything since it's my favorite color :)

sandra m.

Chartreuse, what an interesting color. I would use navy blue, aqua, hot pink, grey. beautiful albumn Anabelle! I am from MN.

Brenna C

Love chartreuse with navy blue and fuschia!


Chartreuse with purple or navy blue!


I like what Annabelle has done with shades of aqua, plus orange and fuchsia.
My choices:
1) Chartreuse + 2 shades of denim: a dark wash and a medium wash + lavender.
2) Chartreuse + very dark purple (to sub for black) + lime + bright orange.


I love the green that Annabelle has used on hire tags for numbers 3 & 8. Although ALL the colors she has chosen work perfectly together! Thank thou so much for the inspiration - such a GORGEOUS mini! :-)

Heather Robertson

wonderful mini album. I would pair this color with dark grey


Gorgeous mini Anabelle!!
I love this with pink or light blue.

Cyndee K.

Love chartreuse with hot pink, navy and kraft! WI

Becky Williams

Aqua! Beautiful job, Anabelle! TX

Lisa P

I think a blue would be gorgeous with this.
Lincoln, NE

Heather I.

What a beautiful project!!!!

I'd have to say - for me - an ideal pairing would be gray and teal!!!

Cassie G

My first inclination would be pink and soft teal.

Angela Fehr

I love Chartreuse paired with turquoise! Or pink, or for a subdued effect, grey.

Cheryl Leong

wow thanks for the chance! totally love this hue

cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com


Chartreuse/teal/pink! Love this combo ^-^

Diana Albright

Annabelle's mini is so cute!
I love the idea of chartreuse mixed with aqua, navy, pink, & gray. Lovely!


I think teal would go great with this

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