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February 24, 2012


Rebecca W

I like to use a collage of pictures for pages of things like parades and shows that I have a ton of pictures for- I will print them all up in small sizes and make a page of collages with some things written about the event.

Also if I have a single picture that is larger or special I like to make a collage of embellishments around it to set it off from the rest of the page- many times I use flowers, buttons, or bling for this kind of work.

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I loveeeeeeeee these!! All of them are gorgeous!


To me a collage is a way of displaying many different things together, hold together by something in common - it could be pictures from the same event, it could be the color of papers, photos and decorations, or it could be a theme like "love", "summer", "laughter"... I also think of collage as something spontaneous, something put together quickly and not to neat, things almost placed at random, sometimes halfway on top of each other.


so many awesome details!!!

Amanda Counce

For me, the best tool for collage is demensional foam squares. As you add layers of paper, the demensional adhesive allows you to create a sense of depth. Using more than one square on top of each other creates even more demension and the layers of the collage really start to stand out.

Charlotte Brochu

I do think that I use collages everywhere in scrapping, from my photo sizes and arrangements to clustering of embellishments in different shapes and sizes! It's a great way to scrapbook!


Wow! Stunning! Gorgeous creations!!
Lilith: You rock girl!!

Miriam Prantner

You guys have really opened my eyes to collage this week....it's not just modge podge/the projects I did when I was a kid. I think for me, it'll end up being the flavor involving lots of scraps of paper/layers on parts of the layout/card, but I like to have some free/white space there to balance that out too.

Angela Fehr

I have always loved collage and I think that's one of the things I love about scrapbooking - the idea of layering paper and pattern to make something beautiful.

Betsy Gray

I enjoy collage scrapbooking. I start by spreading out all the papers, stickers, chipboard pieces from a collection then use all my punches to add more shapes. Layering and popping up the elements are the best part then pulling it all together is so much fun. Thank you for all the inspiration this week and a chance to win:)

Anna Petitt

For me, it's just clustering/layering embellies!! That's my favorite part of the my LO's!! So fun!! :)

Kerry A

What a fabulous week of inspiring collage layouts! I don't use a lot of collage myself...I'm a little more clean and simple...but I love the look and plan to try it more.

When I do think collage, for me my approach is to use a variety of scraps and usually older papers. I like to challenge myself to mix and match collections and use up my stash. I am also a big fan of using multiple photos on my pages.


I like to get messy with my collages. I start by prepping my blank page with gesso. Then I add a wash of color with acrylic or watercolor paints. Next I just start adding layers of paper or other ephemera & sometimes I add more gesso so that some things are slightly covered but still transparent. It gives it a dreamy/moody quality. Lastly, I might add some handwritten journaling or a photo. Thanks & I've really enjoyed this new series, especially on collage!


Love the projects!! For me, collage is layering layering and more layering!! Thanks for the inspiration, tips and techniques. Learning so much!!!

Kelly Massman

I'm not that good at collage in the traditional sense but I love layering and grouping embellies! Thanks!

tammy K

when I collage, it's usually a cluster of elements...I just keep adding until it makes me happy

Audrey Yeager

Well I have to say that one way I get ideas is by a virtual "collage" on Pinterest! Creating boards for certain topics and then stepping back and looking at the whole board helps me get ideas for pages!

Jena Baker

My favorite subjects for my collage pages are my children. I often make pages of them using some of my favorite pictures of them that I had not used in previous pages because they did not seem to fit the story. I just layer these pictures with my favorite embellishments on the page and let them tell their own story!


Beautiful stuff - so inspiring! :D

Cyndee K.

For me, collaging usually involves layered photos, punched border and embellies...

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