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October 10, 2011


Cindy W

My favorite creation has to be the boxes that the kids and I make for their class parties. It takes me back to my childhood using doiles and meticulously placing every little thing. To see the concentration on the kids faces and then the joy when the box is done. I love it!

Amy H

ACK!!! I LOVE It!!!!!

Katie G

I just LOVE homemade valentines....lace and pretty papers....inks and glitter! FUN!!!!!


I love to make homemade Valentines with my kids. They're truly from the heart. :D

Suzanne Sergi

This is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see the papers(:


I also love making the boxes for the kids school day. They get so excited to use some of mommies pretty paper and stickers to decorate their boxes. I love being able to share my passion with them!!


My fave creation from Valentine's day is one my daughter made for me, it was actually a letter that she wrote me telling me that she forgot my Valentine at school that she made me, the letter was so sweet, all apologies and that she loves me, it was precious, she was 8 at the time. Thanks for the chance to win, this peek of the line looks fab!!

Kelly Massman

I used to love making the box for the valentine's to go when I was in grade school! this collection looks to be so gorgeous! I'd be thrilled to win! thanks for the chance!


I love to make beautiful cupcakes with loads of different colored sprinkles. Yum!

Dena Hamlin

I like to make little gift boxes and fill them with heart shaped frosted sugar cookies. And who doesn't love making little valentine's mail boxes?? My daughter and I make them out of scrapbook supplies every year. So much fun.

Star S.

This collection is stunning!! My favorite valentine creations are cute tags created using vintage valentines. Paper Heart has a vintage feel to it and the name is perfect! Thanks for the opportunity!!

Cheryl Leong

ive never made a valentine theme thing...this would be a good start


Last year I really got into valentines day. I made a heart hair piece, added hearts to the elbows of a sweater, and valentines day cards FOR the kids. This year I am looking forward to making valentines day cards with the kids. This new collection would be great for that!! Love it!

Chris Dring

I just started card making this year and one of the first cards I made was a Valentine's Day card for my husband. So much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

Valerie Beary

Oh how I love making valentines with kids! The creative imaginations they have, and give me. I love the sneak peek..oh so can't wait!

Sarah A.

I love making the ones for my daughter's school friends. Last year it was the heart shaped crayons with little heart shaped notepads. Her little 4 year old handwriting writing out their names was just too cute!
Thanks for the chance to win- this is so super cute!

Becky H

I love to make homemade Valentine cards for my children to take to friends and I also love the cinnamon imperials that come out at Valentines.

Robyn W.

Ummmm....darling peek! Love it!! Those paper hearts at the top are too cute! Gonna be some good papers in this line! :) I always love making homemade valentines for my kiddos. Simple but a sweet reminder of my love for them.


I give my husband a minialbum with pictures that are specials to us from the year before.

Carolyn Williams

One year our church had an "old-fashioned" Valentine's Dinner and I helped with the decorations. My husband's grandmother had all these Valentine postcards and greeting cards from the late 1800's and early 1900's. So I used them to decorate the tables. I also made a collage heart with them that was posted on our "Valentine Wall". Everyone enjoyed looking at them and reading the quaint sayings such as "I am in a lather over you" featuring a duck taking a bath in an old tub. How fun to create new Valentines from your collection using quaint sayings from Valentine's past.

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