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August 04, 2011


Julie Tucker-Wolek

I loveeeeeeeee all the different ways you used the border stickers! GORGEOUS work! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amy H

This is so awesome, Kinsey! I just love the photo frame you created!! Such cool ideas!!

Audrey W.

Very fun ideas! Thanks!

Jasmine Ford

What great ways to make the most of those border stickers! Thanks for sharing!!


Great ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Mia A.

Nom! I especially like the tag!

Lexi Bridges

Kinsey, your creativity knows no limits! Fabulous my friend :)


Love all your ideas, Kinsey! :)


Thanks so much for the tips Kinsey! I struggle with border stickers, but now I know what to do!

flyer printing

Nice work, so creative with those pattern and style. Great tutorial as well. I love this technique, the result is just so fabulous! I'm so gonna try this at home.. Thanks for posting this one!


Love them....

Darlene H.

Great ideas, Kinsey! I already have projects in mind to use some of these techniques on, Thanks for sharing!


Kinsey, you are amazing... *Plus* you have such RANDOM good ideas, which I love!! I mean.... just stick the border to your shirt a couple of times?? Genius! :D

הדפסה על חולצות

Wonderful cards with lovely design and different pattern in each. I like all cards. I will try out for this with my daughter on my next weekend.

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